1. The Accuracy of Watch

(1) Under normal circumstances, it is reasonable that a quartz watch is 1.5s/day slower or faster. For a mechanical watch, it is 35s/day slower or faster, on the occasion of fully energy. The accuracy of a watch depends on the following factors: movement, environment, temperature, natural motion for energy supply (this factor is particular for automatic watches), and etc.

(2) Running out of battery is one of the reason for the inaccuracy of a quartz watch. In this case, the battery need to be changed a new one as soon as possible.

(3) When we adjust the time of a pointer-type quartz watch, it need to be adjusted 1min faster, because it won’t move immediately after adjustment.

(4) It will cause the inaccuracy of a watch, if it is under a magnetic field or near by something having or releasing magnetism, including sound equipments, refrigerators, mobile phones, televisions, electrical blankets, motor stirrers, electrical mahjong tables, induction cookers, and etc. Degaussing can restore the accuracy of a mechanical watch; the accuracy of a quartz watch can be restored after the wearer leaves far away from the things having or releasing magnetism.

(5) The spring of an automatic watch is winded automatically as a result of natural motion of the wearers’ arm, so as to provide energy to run the watch. Therefore, we suggest the wear swing it right and left at plane level around 1minute or wind the spring by hand (Turn the crown 25-35 times clockwise) before sleep, so that the watch can have full energy for running regularly overnight. If it stops, wind its spring by hand before wearing.

2.The Dial, Case and Strap

(1) Sapphire crystal glass, tungsten & titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics are anti-wear material used for the dial of a watch. They are anti-wear yet crisp, which can not bear strong impact. Materials with the same or even higher hardness are likely to destroy them, because anti-abrasion does not mean it is unbreakable. Try to keep away from the materials like whetstones, abrasive paper, nail files, granite, concrete, because those materials can easily leave scratches on the dial.

(2) The stainless steel cases and the straps made by leather, karat gold, platinum can easily cause scratches by clash or intentional impact. In addition, water, air and sweat can also cause varying degrees of damage. Therefore, if a watch gets wet, use things with strong water-absorbing quality to wipe it dry as soon as possible, and place it under the ventilated and dry environment. Besides, regular rinsing and polishing to the watch can extend its service life.

(3) A watch is necessary to regularly send back to the specific serve center for professional rinsing and polishing, because sweat and dirt are so easy to corrode the accessories, which will cause skin allergy of the wearer. Similarly, protective film on the back case of a new watch should be tore off soon after purchase, for sweat or water between the film and the case will corrode the case. Moreover, keep away from the chemicals such as cosmetics, washing products and etc., in order to prevent the cladding material from discoloration, falling and corrosion.

3. Water resistance instruction

(1) According to the performance of water resistance, watches can be divided into diving watches, waterproof watches, and non-waterproof watches. Therefore, customers need to confirm the watches’ performance of water resistance before purchase or use.

(2) The grades of waterproof watches are rated according to the rubber rings for waterproofing in the glass, back case and crown. Generally, they are 3ATM, 5ATM, 20ATM, and 30ATM, which refer to the pressure corresponding to the same degree of water depth.

(3)3ATM: means a watch can only resist sprays and drizzling under zero pressure.

5ATM: a waterproof watch with 5ATM can be worn during swim or housework.

Diving watches typically use for swim, dive or other underwater work. Exanimation and maintenance for the performance of water resistance are extremely important before underwater work. Other things worth noting during the process of underwater work are:

① push the crown back to the normal position, which means the crown must be screwed tight, before underwater work.

② clean and dry the crown and the nearby area soon after underwater work, and make sure that the crown is clean enough before you use it.

③ do not adjust the watch during underwater work.

(4) Try to keep the watch away from the water column with high impact force, because those will easily distribute to the infiltration of water. Do not adjust the watch if there is some water on the surface of the watch.

(5) Try to keep away from the hot water or steam. That is because those tiny rubber rings that achieve the performance of water resistance gradually lost their elasticity because of ageing, which will contribute to the infiltration of steam and water. Therefore, the rubber rings and the crown need to be replaced with a new one regularly.

(6) Even it is a waterproofing watch, it still can not completely avoid the infiltration of steam and dust. If water or steam stays in the watch for a long time, it will cause the damage of the accessories. Therefore, send the watch back to Manjaz’s maintenance service center or other standard service centers for examination and maintenance soon after water or steam gets in.

4. Other

(1) It is relative but absolute for the performance of water resistance, shake proofing and anti-magnetism of a watch. Generally, they can only play the role of prevention, so try to keep away from water, and avoid magnetic contact and collision, so as to prevent the damage of the accessories.

(2) The air humidity is one of the factors that influence the serve life of a watch, especially the warm wet climate of the south part of China. The accumulation of the rainwater, sweat and dirt on the watch are so easy to corrode the accessories. Therefore, it is vital to send the watch back to Manjaz’s maintenance service center or other standard service centers for examination and maintenance at least once every two years.

(3) We suggest that it is better to make manual wind once a month for a mechanical watch not worn for a long time, which can maintain the normal use of the watch. For a quartz watch, occasional examination and maintenance are extremely important. Please take out or change the battery immediately if the watch runs out of battery, so as to prevent the damage of the movement because of the battery leakage.

(4) The service life of a watch is related to whether the wearer properly use and maintain the watch. The situation illustrated below causes the damage and shorten the service life of a watch: having a bathe while wearing a watch, dirt or sweat, and other improper use.

(5) If there are some problems of the watch, for example the watch runs out of battery, takes in water and etc., please send it to repair center as soon as possible, in order to prevent the damage of the accessories.

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